Beads?!?!? What Do We Do After Mardi Gras?

Oak Cliff does Mardi Gras right! Big party for the big people. A little exercise at the 5k (and now 10k too). Then a family friendly parade to wrap it up. I love this weekend. Every year. And every year I wonder, “what do I do with all these beads?” Are you in the same predicament?  Perhaps you have children, but maybe there are just lumps of beads where your children used to be. Is your neck sore from all the swag you scored? Did your float order a few too many baubles?
We are here to help. Starting today you can drop off beads and Team Jennisto will donate them to local non-profits for recycling. We have 4 locations to make unloading your beads as easy as a slice from Norma’s.
405 S. Clinton Ave
732 N. Windomere
1331 S. Montreal Ave
231 E. Greenbriar Ln