Final Walkthrough on Windomere

Today we walk through the duplex on last time. This is our first post in a few weeks, so the kitchen will look radically different. The floors look wonderful. And the bathrooms are complete. This most recent week has been pretty intense, as we chased down details. Turns out it’s tough to get contractors to come back to take care of the little things they forgot to do, or that have to be done at the very end. But Val is all over them. And I have been to home improvement stores more times than I can count this week.
We still have a handful of things to complete. Oh, and I think the other side of the duplex got jealous, because it sprung a leak and now that bathroom has to have an emergency do-over. Par for the course.
Thanks for going along on the ride with me and Val. Now it’s time to find the duplex a happy tenant.