Last Look Before the Holidays

As we wind down 2016, we are also coming the the final pieces and parts on the Windomere duplex renovation.  Today in the video, we show off the mostly complete interior paint. Exterior will be done by Saturday. The tile is still an issue, as the new shipment didn’t match what was already on the floor. And, last night, we sprung 5 leaks in the pipes after the hard freeze this week. Thank goodness Raul’s guys were able to come today to repair those. We’re almost there.
Wishing you a restful holiday.

Hooray Counter, Boo Tile

Welcome to another Wednesday at Windomere update. The kitchen counters were installed today and they look gorgeous. They are back under protective coating, but you can take a peek in the video here. On a frustrating note, the tile guy did not use spacers for the bathroom floor tile. It has to be ripped up and redone. Boo. Since that tile can’t even get delivered until Dec 21. Also, he messed up the shower tile. So what was looking like progress got a bit stalled today. But it’s important that it get done right.

Putting it Back Together

Yes, it’s Thursday, but that’s how it goes sometimes on Wednesdays at Windomere. The delay was due to the floor stain and pre-coat that had to get on quickly. It’s dry enough to walk on today as Val shows you in this video. Things are starting to come together.


Thinking About all Things Home & Festive

This week at JenniSto we are getting excited about the holidays and thinking about all things home & festive. We thought we’d let you in to see our trees and a few of our client’s trees.

Here is Jenni’s tree, check out the amazing tree topper made by a dear friend.

With toddlers into everything and space at a premium Emily goes for a minimalist “tree.”

Doesn’t  Gaby’s tree look so warm and festive?

Gaby’s son, Beckett, made this tree for their dining room.

Meanwhile, here is the Christmas display at her showroom.

Just loving client Christy’s pup next to her beautiful tree.

Marcus and James have trees inside and outside of their home, adorned by inflatables, naturally.

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite trees with you, we’d love to see yours!

Mending Walls

This week at Windomere is really starting to shape up. We green tagged electrical and plumbing rough-in. That means that walls can be patched and cracks can be mended. This is an important step before painting and cabinet install. We also received the replacement front door. You can see that and the progress on the wall’s in this week’s video.