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I’m an unabashed technophile. I am constantly looking for ways to allow technology to make my life easier (excitedly awaiting my Roomba I  bought myself for Mother’s Day). I had an experience that inspired this blog post this weekend.

While getting ready for a party at my house I dropped my phone and shattered the screen. I started to worry about the expense and inconvenience of not having my phone for a few days. Then, I went onto icracked.com and within an hour a tech was at my home fixing my phone and giving me a new case to boot! That went so simply, I also decided to have some coconut tequila and lime juice delivered to add to the party! Yay!

So, here are a few of my favorite technology finds:

·      TryCaviar.com and UberEats: great food that is just a click away in North Oak Cliff! My favorites are Pakpao (thanks Jenni for turning me on to this great restaurant) and Spice In The City.

·      MiniBar.com: spirits, wine and beer delivered for your last minute coconut tequila margarita needs. Also, if you want to send champs to your best gal pal to celebrate her promotion, they can do that too as long as someone over 21 is home!

·      Apple Watch: my son has a health issue and my husband and I cannot be more than 30 minutes away from him and the hospital at any given point. I hate to be the person that is constantly checking their phone with every text or call. I find that the Apple Watch actually makes me more present and attentive to whomever I’m with while also allowing me to conspicuously monitor for emergencies.

·      BF Dallas: for your on the go home details, this app is great!

·      Open Houses: it is great weather for open houses and the market is in full swing. This is my favorite to get the scoop on open houses.

·      Strides: I’m a goal girl and my friend turned me onto this app. Every time I read (or listen) to a book I swipe and I can see how close I am to my goal of 50 books this year! Every workout, swipe! Every date night or girls’ night, swipe!

·      Audible.com: I’m in my car a lot and I work out a lot. I can only watch so much silly TV before I can feel my brain completely turning to mush. I have listened to some of the best books in the last two years thanks to this app. It actually makes my time in the carpool lane enjoyable.

What are your favorite technology go to’s? Anything that you love that I am missing?

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