Casa de Shannon

I love it when a client introduces me to a new-to-me neighborhood. Especially in Oak Cliff! That’s exactly what happened when we went on the hunt for a home for Shannon, one of the owners of Oil & Cotton. After a couple of close calls in Elmwood and El Tivoli neighborhoods, we ended up at an offer-market property in Ruthmeade Place. Never heard of it? Me either, but it is definitely worth a visit. Just south of 12th St, between Tyler and Zang, it’s a quick jog to Bishop Arts and all the great stuff popping up on Jefferson Blvd. The neighborhood itself is made up of smaller wood and brick cottages, with a few larger Victorians. 

As for Shannon’s home, it’s a great bungalow, with a cozy porch. And you better believe that she has a way with making a space look amazing. The photos below are before/after, and show what a difference good paint and floors can make. She also did wonders in her kitchen with a counter and backsplash refresh.

This hidden gem of an area has tons of potential, especially for homeowners like Shannon. Those with a little vision, plus a willingness to roll up sleeves. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more about Ruthmeade Place in the near future. 


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