Porch Season

Welcome to summer, or as I like to call it “Porch Season”. What’s that you say? Too hot for porches in summer? Absolutely not. And just to prove it, we have two new listings with fabulous front porches that will be cool regardless of the temperature outside.

The first is 115 N Clinton Ave, which will be available Monday. Check out that cute as can be swing and the artful arches. I can just see you, sitting there with your cold beverage of choice, enjoying the summer breezes. Simply fabulous!

The second is 822 Stewart Dr. This wonderful Tudor has a north-facing porch, and mature trees, so the whole thing is kept out of direct sun. And the porch is extra long so you can invite some buddies over to share in your coolness. Double points to this home for also having a pool.

So happy Porch Season, y’all. And if you need a porch, we’ve got one for you.