Client Highlight: Jenn before and after photos

Sometimes I wonder why people trust me. Have a look at these “before” photos. My friend and client Jenn actually bought this house, in this condition, after I made her leave work immediately to see it. We could easily say that Jenn has vision! To verify, just look at the “after” photos.

Great stuff right?

How did we do that?

For starters, Jenn was really clear about what she wanted in a house. She told me her size, price and location criteria.  She also wanted a place in which she could insert her own personal style. Together, we were aware that she would likely have to buy a fixer upper. Through my experience, I had ballpark knowledge of what her renovation might cost, as well as deep neighborhood insight on “fixed-up” pricing. So, when I saw her future home, I wasted no time in getting her in quickly.

Additionally, Jenn had done her financing homework, and was connected with a great lender (thank you Jerrett Morris). He got her a loan with home improvement budget, and then helped walk her through the complex process. Though the renovation took several months, many contractors, and a ton of personal time, she is now happily at home.

Thanks for trusting me, Jenn. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby.

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