Wishes for a dreamy 2015

Over the years, I feel I’ve learned some tricks for goal setting. My go-to’s are about the clarity of the goal itself. I use the SMART test…is the goal Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-boxed? I’ve also found that writing them down is critical to their achievement. But most of all for me, sharing my goals with at least one other person is my secret sauce. I try to tell more than one. And I have found, to my amazement, that when I share goals people share beautiful things back with me. Either about themselves regarding their own goals and dreams or a story about something they’ve tried to help me with my quest. The truth is that simply telling another person makes me more likely to take action on my dreams.

Let me just start by saying that I do regular goal-setting throughout the year. I update and add as needed. Once in a while I remove goals all together, if I find it was a fix rather than an inspiration. But as I realize this is a goal-making time of year for most people, I’d like to plunk down a few of my own here.

1. Move in to "The Box" and love it.
This year Val and I will be moving for the first time in 9 years. It’s also the first time in 9 years that we’ve done a remodel for just us. Or shall I say us 3? No, we’re not having a kid. But Val’s mom (and my friend), Marlene, will be our new housemate on Greenbriar Lane. We are all super excited for this new arrangement. And sometimes we’re overwhelmed by what this change will mean in terms of moving logistics, negotiating and communication. All par for the course. It should be an exciting few weeks as we are planning for a February move. Stay tuned for more details.

2. Big August vacation in Portugal
We’ve wanted to see this country for quite a while, but it keeps moving to the backburner. The time is now for this trip….never been, love the coast, intrigued by Brazil’s motherland. Also, this will be the return of the "just us" vacation. We are lucky to have great friends who live all over. We have spent all of our vacation in recent years, travelling to see them. But Val and I have figured out that having a week to just be together really helps us shift into low gear. Hard to make this a priority, but important.

3. Strength 3x/week. Cardio 3x/week
Yep. Like that.

4. Enjoy now
Being a goal-oriented, forward-looking, creative type makes this difficult. I enjoy making more than sustaining. Planning over completing. Doing better than being still. But when I friend said that her life had been going from university to med school to marriage to baby to running her practice to baby number two without blinking, but to sit back and enjoy where she had gotten was hard. I saw some of me in that. As humans, we are hard-wired to get ahead, but it comes with a price. I am taking the next several months to enjoy where I am in the moment. We’ve been lucky in life, as many have. Friends, check. Family, check. Career, check. Spouse, travel, house, health. Check, check, check, check. My sense is that one of the truest ways for me to honor these gifts and accomplishments is to appreciate them instead of constantly trying to add to them. Just a thought.

5. Meditate
OK. Tough one. But could be super-helpful in goal #4. For about 20 years, it has been recommended to me by various health and spiritual guides to try meditation. Both for physical and emotional reasons. I am sometime stressed, sometimes nervous, sometimes overly-demanding (of myself and others). Although I have worked on their other recommendations, I have constantly avoided mediation. With plenty of what I think are good reasons. It takes time. I don’t know how, I can’t fit anything else in my schedule, it’s hard. But now is the time, says me. And when I shared this with Emily Ruth, I said something like "it stresses me out to get up 15 minutes earlier every morning so I can meditate." Her wise (and sassy) response was "Well that defeats the purpose. Meditate whenever." Ohhhhhhhh. You can do that? So back to the beginning of this post….I love sharing my goals. I’ve already learned something from it. And this is just day two.

My wish for you in 2015 is this…may you have gratitude for all that came before and dreams big enough to inspire you in the new year.

ps…If you want to share them, I’d love to hear your goals and dreams for 2015. jenni.